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    This could be the year you finally uncover the "next level" to Your Greatness...

    Actress & Best-selling Author, Alex Okoroji strips down NAKED, In this Raw & Riveting Memoir - as she unravels her brilliance and uncovers the connection between truth, freedom & greatness.

  • "Only FREE People, Can actually Free People.

    MOST people are living a tiny fraction of their lives, hiding the best elements of themselves - while pretending that they’ve got it all covered. Imagine that you could strip yourself of all your FEARS and inhibitions, to experience true FREEDOM living a life of Authentic BLISS.

    Imagine How Much Faster YOU Can Move to the Finish Line & What Great Things You Can Accomplish in the World - When You UNCOVER All the BAGGAGE, Judgement, Self Doubt & Limiting Beliefs Weighing You Down & Holding You Back from Thriving."

  • Why This Book Exists!

    From The Author's Desk...

  • "I am Speechless. Seriously Speechless. This book is Phenomenal. I didn't like it. I absolutely loved it. Had to order the Print and Kindle Version. Alex, I want all your books in my collection. It would be a pleasure to read everything you have ever written."

    - Himanish Prabhakar (Renowned Book Critic, Photographer, Writer & Tech)

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  • // About The Book

    UNCOVERED: The NAKED Road From Timid Girl to Confident Woman...

    Uncovered book by Alex Okoroji

    "You can’t Hide, yet expect to be SEEN.

    You can’t stay Silent, yet expect to be HEARD.

    You can’t mask your gifts, yet expect your “talent” to be Celebrated.

    You can’t be Royalty, yet act like you are nobody."



    Will YOU Give Yourself The Freedom to UNCOVER

    The "Next Level" to Your Greatness?


    It's time to stop hiding your talent, gift, message, and brilliance.

    Hiding does not serve the world and it doesn't serve you either.

    In this raw & riveting coming of age story, Alex Okoroji unravels the connection between Truth, Freedom & Greatness as she takes off the covers and gets downright NAKED & gritty, unashamed to tell it like it is - illustrating her own powerful journey to reinvention - as she strips down the lies & insecurities, ripping apart her limited beliefs about love, sex, money, and friendship to reveal her innermost secrets, relationship failures, career hurdles, and the endless self-doubt...


    Through which she UNCOVERS wisdom, freedom and a new perspective "living in a light bulb of truth" as she NOW knows it - to become the highest expression of confidence, brilliance, talent, and greatness.


    This is an incredible personal revelation, that will trigger millions of men & women all over the world, to reflect on their own personal journey, unravel the relationship they have with money, people, and even God, so they can recognize their own truth, experience freedom & uncover their greatness too.


    Get this book NOW because there is a "next level" with your name on it

    ..And it's time for the world to uncover your Greatness.

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    This Book Invites You to uncover the answers to some of your biggest limitations.

    • If you want to be bold, daring & fearless in your pursuit for Greater Purpose.
    • If you want to strip all the baggage, lies and bullshit weighing you down. 
    • If you want to peel off layers of limiting beliefs & obstacles holding you back from offering your best self. 
    • If you want to operate from a place of Freedom & Power, instead of fear or self doubt. 
    • If you want to be encouraged to create big powerful moves for yourself in love, life and business.
    • If you want a darn good laugh, and some inside scoop on how I reinvented myself.
    • If you want the answers on how to own your truth and leverage your past pain, failures and traumatic experiences to achieve genuine transformation.

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    Get Ready to Uncover the "Next Level" to Your Greatness...

    Join ME & other Truth-Seekers for Brunch & Powerful Conversations on Sunday 10 March 2019.

  • "The book left me in a state of many emotions. I mean even as I am typing I am completely overwhelmed - that last chapter really hit hard and touched something in me, a feeling I'm still trying to process and put into words. So I'm just going to say it, I think I love you. lol.


    I haven't read a book like this in a long while. In fact the last time I think I read anything this honest was probably something I wrote myself - the piece the rest of the world hasn't seen and who knows if they ever will. I'm so fired up...but I know realistically I have to revisit this again. Your book is one that one must read over and over again. You can't just read it once."

    - Abi Opall (Blogger & Writer at Abiscope.com)

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    // Meet The Author

    Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress & Multiple Award Winning Media Personality - who has published over 400 Articles & contributed to several international publications including The Huffington Post & NewsWire. She is featured in over 250 Media Platforms around the World, globally referred to as the "Queen of Expression" and currently ranked as one of the 'Top 250 Most Influential Women in the World' by Richtopia.


    She is the Author of 3 Books, collaborating with influencers around the world, building brands & impacting millions of people with her work - on Television, Digital Radio & on Global Stages as an International Speaker.


    She is the Creator of Personal Development Hub - The NAKED Philosophy™ and CEO of The BRAG Media Company. She was spotlighted as 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, a 2016 Guardian Woman, and nominated as one of Charles O'Tudor's 35 Personal Brands-To-Watch 2017 (The Global List) and Recipient of 2017 Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award, a WEF Iconic Woman Award at the 2017 Annual Global Women Economic Forum in India and a Peace Achievers Award - as Media Personality of the Year 2017.

  • she has appeared in over 250 media platforms like...

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  • What Influencers Are Saying...


    "The storytelling is intriguing, captivating, artistic and sinks truth into my heart.

    A wonderful introduction and I give it a 5 Star"

    - Blecyn George Monsi (ScreenWriter & Digital Marketing Influencer)


    "I just listened to the Introduction and I love the grit of it.

    The content, the delivery, your voice. I LOVE IT."

    - Yemi Blaq (Award-Winning Nollywood Actor)


    "I absolutely loved it!! Awesome!!! Your voice was so soothing.

    This is so good."

    - SharRon Jamison (Life Strategist, Speaker & Award-Winning Author)


    "OMG!! This is so good.

    I love love love love."

    - Ike Nnabue (Award-Winning Filmmaker, ScreenWriter & Nollywood Director)


    "The teaser of uncovered is an odyssey into self discovery, the prelude to The Naked Truth. It is compelling. It provokes curiousity for details."

    - Zik Zulu Okafor (Award-Winning Journalist & Nollywood Filmmaker)


    "I LOVED this!! Your voice is intriguing and seducing accompanied with the music. It makes me wanna hear what's next."

    - Maria Appelqvist (Award-Winning Speaker, Best-selling Author & Leadership Expert)


    "I really enjoyed it. Very very nice and engaging. I like that it makes you think, reflect and also show empathy towards the author.

    It makes you want to listen to the whole book."

    - Lolo Cynthia (Broadcaster & TV Host)


    "Wow! You had me holding my breath and imagining the beauty of your glistening skin. That section of your description, your tone, the energy of your delivery, but most of all, the openness. I realised how much strength it must have taken to reveal so much about yourself. The power of your words - the description - powerful! I think 'taking the power away from others' who would seek to use your weaknesses against you is the most powerful thing I have heard in a while."

    - Aaron U (Filmmaker)


    "I'm fortunate to have read the entire book. Powerful. Deep. Raw. Relevant and Reflective. Nothing like a good book to jolt you awake and push you to accept the realities of life. Alex is a fantastic writer & gosh the truth was indeed a wake up call to me.

    I laughed and cried.

    All I can say is that - this book is BRILLIANT!!!"

    - Sindiwe Siyabonga (TV Personality & Actor)


    "The best part of reading the manuscript is the sudden realisation that this book is just as much about ME and you, as it is about Alex & her own journey. She shares her experiences and views so BRILLIANTLY that It provokes you, the reader to reflect on your own life and be empowered to do more. A truly fantastic read!!!"

    - William Taylor (#1 International Bestselling Author)


    "Wow!!!! I love it; it certainly sparks curiosity and the verbal word tracks are incredible. It takes the listener on a mental journey. Your willingness to open up and share the good, bad and indifferent of your life. Your willingness to expose and tell your naked truth.Your play on words is brilliant and draws one in to seek further understanding. It's clever and classy."

    - Corey Hicks (American Athlete, International Speaker, Author)

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  • Note From An Influencer...

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    "To the one-and-only...amazing and fantastic, charismatic and purposeful, Alex Okoroji - YOU, my friend, are a shining star in this world...not just there, but everywhere your face and voice are allowed to go.


    You, Alex, are definitely a rare diamond of a person: extremely talented and massively bold. That is a perfect combination to make something awesome happen with your life. Where others dream and wish...YOU dream and DO. My prediction for you? Your future is going to be 100x more awesome than anything you have already lived.


    Thank you for your awesome inspiration and your kick-ass "Live-the-Life-You-Love" style. I sense your greatest days are still to come. Keep the awesomeness rolling and keep leaving footprints that change the World. You are a STAR!!!

    - SHAWN ANDERSON (#1 Best-Selling Author & Founder of Extra Mile Day + Extra Mile America)

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    Stop hiding the best element of yourself.

    It's time for the world to Uncover Your Greatness.

    Get it NOW and UNCOVER a New Level to Your Greatness.

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